Canyon House

A private residence based on a complex three-dimensional map of interlocking space types. This commission involved the renovation of a building which itself has several additions dating back to the 1960s. Located inside the Appia Antica Park on the outskirts of Rome, the building serves as the clients’ main residence, and is a space both for work and relaxation.

The design uses vertical axes to section the building into different space types including service areas, distribution areas, main quarters and outdoor areas, establishing a specific spatial and functional sequence as the owners move throughout the building.

In addition, the horizontal sequence of floor levels differentiates zones for sleeping, living and work. These horizontal and vertical planes create a three-dimensional map for the house and its functions.

Italpromo & Libardi Associati Headquarters

A new headquarters for the well‐known Italian communications agency Italpromo & Libardi Associati in a converted school building in Ostiense, Rome.

Ostiense is one of the few remaining industrial areas on the edge of Rome’s historic city centre and is currently undergoing extensive architectural and social regeneration. The brief for this project was to transform an existing building without losing its unique character and retaining its original listed façade.

Labics’ main objective was to introduce new functions into the shell of the existing building, creating innovative ways of using the space based on the complex spatial, functional and social relationships within the contemporary workplace. The aim was to find the right balance between individual and shared spaces, between production and social areas.